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Information about Arlin Liniment

Arlin Liniment is an ayurvedic formulation available in the form of a lotion. The lotion helps to relieve muscular spasms, joint pains, sciatica pain and some of the most common forms of pains affecting joints and bones. Purely herbal in making, the lotion is easy to use and a non sticky formulation.

Key Ingredients:

  • Devadaru taila [Cedrus deodara]
  • Nilgiri taila [Eucalyptus globulus]
  • Vatanaskaka taila
  • Karpoora [Cinnamomum camphora]
  • Mahanarayana thailam
  • Masha taila
  • Gandhapura taila
  • Sarala taila/ turpentine oil

Key Benefits:

  • The lotion is indicated for the treatment and management joint pains, back ache, shoulder pain, sciatica, lumbago, muscular sprains and inflammations
  • The lotion is easy to apply and very effective
  • Non sticky and grease free
  • The oils in the lotion, unlike other ayurvedic formulations, penetrates deeper into muscles and joints
  • Anti inflammatory in nature, the lotion acts as a rubefacient
  • Fortunately, like other herbal formulations, it is not foul smelling and in most cases does not cause irritation
  • The lotion helps to relieve muscular sprains and spasms

Directions For Use:

  • Use the Arlin Liniment as directed by the physician
  • Apply the lotion on the affected area and massage the area softly atleast 2-3 times a day
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