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About Befer Drops 15 ml

Befer Drops 15 ml belongs to a class of medications called ‘haematinics’ primarily used to treat anaemia (deficiency of iron and haemoglobin). Its deficiency occurs mainly due to poor diet, poor absorption of food or increased folate use in the body (in pregnancy). Anaemia is a condition in which the body does not have enough red blood cells for carrying the adequate oxygen required to various body tissues.

Befer Drops 15 ml is a combination of two drugs, namely: Elemental Iron and Folic acid. Elemental iron helps with the transportation of oxygen throughout the body and the production of red blood cells. Folic acid works by boosting the production of red blood cells (RBC) in the body.  Together, Befer Drops 15 ml helps treat anaemia.

Take Befer Drops 15 ml as prescribed by your doctor. You are advised to take Befer Drops 15 ml for as long as your doctor has prescribed it for you, depending upon your medical condition. You may experience constipation, dry mouth, loss of appetite, bloating, diarrhoea in some cases. Most of these side effects of Befer Drops 15 ml do not require medical attention and gradually resolve over time. However, if the side effects persist or worsen, please consult your doctor.

Do not take Befer Drops 15 ml if you are allergic to iron, folic acid or any of the ingredients of Befer Drops 15 ml. Do not start taking any new medication without telling your doctor. Befer Drops 15 ml is generally safe to consume during pregnancy and lactation. However, talk to your doctor if you have any concerns. If you have got any part of the stomach removed, please inform your doctor before taking Befer Drops 15 ml. Befer Drops 15 ml should be given to a child under 12 years of age only if advised by the doctor.

Uses of Befer Drops 15 ml

Iron deficiency (anaemia)

Medicinal Benefits

Befer Drops 15 ml is a combination drug containing or ‘haematinics’ primarily used to treat anaemia (deficiency of red blood cells and haemoglobin). During pregnancy, the demand for iron and folic acid in the body is increased, therefore Befer Drops 15 ml acts as a supplement in pregnancy. It also helps the body produce and maintain new cells, prevents the DNA from mutating, leading to cancer. Befer Drops 15 ml contains Elemental Iron and Folic acid (haematinics combination), which works by boosting the production of red blood cells (RBC) and haemoglobin in the body. Thus, the use of Befer Drops 15 ml is associated with a reduced risk of iron deficiency and anaemia, especially in pregnant women.

Directions for Use

Take Befer Drops 15 ml with or without food or as directed by your physician. Tablet: Swallow the whole tablet with a glass of water. Do not crush, chew, or break it. Liquid: The suspension form should be taken in dose as directed by your physician using the measuring cup provided by the pack. Shake the bottle well before use.
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